Monday, February 19, 2007


What an amazing week for Enigma! After much hard work by our composer Jermaine Stegall, this past weekend we got to record a 24 piece orchestra at the historic Capitol Records building in Hollywood! For Jason and I, this was truly exciting! It was something we wanted to do since the early beginnings of Enigma. Jermaine was able to gather some of the most talented players in the city, or as he said, "in the world!" Most of these players can be heard on most of the biggest movies in Hollywood. They were truly amazing. They just sat down without ever seeing the music, and just nailed it on the first pass through. Jason and I were already in love with Jermaine score and were actually curious how much better it could possibly sound. However, the moment the first cue started to be played, we knew that it just took the score to a whole new level. This score is just going to be straight up amazing and completely unique for an independent film, and it is completely to Jermaine's credit. We are looking forward to the final mix, and I promise I will post a few cues when Jermaine is ready. Till then, check out a whole bunch of pictures from the session last Friday.
Have a good week!

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