Sunday, February 4, 2007

ADR round 1

This past Saturday we did our first round of ADR, which is basically the re-recording of dialogue that was either non existant, or was covered up by foot steps or a variety of other sounds. There's a great part when Vinny, (Captain Rhys) is stepping down from the upper part of the bridge, he grabs the pipe to support himself on the way down and it makes a sound just like a cow...So after we laughed for about 10 mins, we understood why John wanted to re-record that bit of dialogue. John Griffen is our Sound Supervisor, and this was our first day working with him. It was really enjoyable and I really look forward to hearing more work from him. It was nice to see Vinny and Nadia again, Since this film is taking so long, we've had all these mini reunions. Which is fun, but also really makes me want to get this thing done. Soon..We are getting ready to record a 25 piece orchrestra for the score in 2 weeks, I will defentally post some pictures of that. I will post more Enigma news as it comes in, there should be some exciting stuff coming up....till then...

Take care!

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