Sunday, February 11, 2007

Recording in 5 days!

Progress continues this week on this epic known as Enigma... This Friday we are going to be recording a 25 piece orchestra for the score. The picture above is a piece of the sheet music Jermaine sent me. This is really exciting for me, something I really wanted to do since starting this project. Jason and I really early on decided that we didn't want to go with that typical independent film score...which is usually a guy playing a piano. Fortunately for us we found a brilliant composer in Jermaine Stegall (, and let me just tell you how amazing the score already sounds, I can't wait to hear it with the orchestra added! It's a truly unique score with haunting themes and fantastic percussion. I will post a couple sound clips when Jermaine is ready.

Enigma VFX are progressing this week as well. All but one model is done, and I will be texturing the models for the next couple months. I will post some renders as they get done. Right now i have artists in 6 different countries working on Enigma, its truly a global effort!

Hope all is well, and I will be posting lots of pictures on my next update from the recording session.

Take Care!

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