Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How's Enigma going?!

Hey Everyone!

Enigma is moving along well, I didn't quite make my deadline. I got called back to work a bit earlier than I was expecting. They need me to take over as one of animation supervisors on The Incredible Hulk. So for the next 5 weeks, Its crazy 12 hour days, and 7 day weeks. But after that, I should be able to focus on completing Enigma. Things are still moving forward, there is alot of rendering to be done, so this is a good time for that. Also, Sound design is taking a bit longer as well. So all in all, things are still going well, But it looks like its going to be a late spring completion. Not exactly what I wanted, but that just the way it has to be.

On a side note, Rhythm and Hues just won an Oscar for The Golden Compass. This was my first time as an animation supervisor, so Its pretty sweet! and yes, it is as heavy as everyone says.

Thats me and Bill Westenhoffer (VFX sup for compass)

Now I just have to finish up enigma so we can gather up some awards for our crew!

Take care all!